Joker123 Monkey Thunderbolt

Monkey Thunderbolt is a brand new Malaysian online betting game. The theme of this game is about the legendary monkeys who can get the top of the world in a minute. Put your bet on your beloved monkey! You can also bet on runners and monkeys, which will be done in third place.

The game is inspired by a true story - the story of Thunderbolt Monkeys. It is believed that a long time ago, before humans reached the sky, the only thing that could do this was the monkey. Every 100 years, the most agile of these creatures will compete. The first monkey to reach the top of the world was named the king of the Thunder in the next 100 years. The rules of the game are always strict and strict. Danger always makes him exist, the ropes are made of royal silk and can only accommodate the lightest monkeys. No one thinks this will be a simple game.

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Joker123 5 Dragons

The free spin function in 5 dragons is one of the functions triggered by getting bonus symbols anywhere in reels 1, 2 and 3. This is not my favorite concept, because I prefer the "scatter everywhere" method. But this is similar to the 50 dragons and 50 lions are fair.


Image00001.jpg - 511.28 kB

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Joker123 Money Bang Bang

Draw your weapon as quickly as possible in Money Bang Bang. Will you be called the fastest and richest hand in the West? Rotate the reel to find out!
Progressive Bullet Free Rotating Bullet Instant Play Bullet Auto Play Bullet Video Slot Bullet Wild Symbol Bullet Gambling Function Bullet Expansion Wild Bullet 5 Reel Bullet 9 Line

Image00001.jpg - 375.78 kB

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Joker123 5 KOI Dragons

There are two wild symbols in this game, the lion and the temple. These can be used to replace other symbols. The temple represents all other symbols, but it only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, while the lion represents all symbols except the temple to create more possible winning combinations. If you hit 6 or more temple symbols, you can also trigger the gantry feature, which is a bold free spin! You can choose your own free spin and wild symbols for this round. You can choose from 15 free games, 1 extra wild game, 8 free games, 2 extra wild games or 5 free games, and 3 additional wild games.


Image00007.jpg - 506.05 kB

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Joker123 Great Blue

Every Playtech casino slot machine game enthusiast is welcome to participate in the thrilling sea life theme slot machine game, they named it Great Blue. It offers amazing graphics and animations. The game's features include free game points, wild symbol features, and scatter plots. Big Blue's RTP (returning player) is 94.3% below normal, so if your goal is a bonus, you must think twice before playing this online slot machine. It also has a relatively uncommon gambling mechanism that allows gamblers to magnify his spending more.

Image00001.jpg - 289.68 kB

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